Saturday, March 26, 2011

My experiments with Slow cooker series - Dalma

Dalma is another Oriya/Bengali dish which my mom-in-law makes quite often. It is a good candidate for slow cooker.  This dish is Dal combined with many vegetables. We can use vegetables like Pumpkin, Drumstick, Baingan etc. Today I used, Gobi, Beens ,Alu and carrots. This is a good dish for kids which helps to sneak in some veggies along with dal.
Ingredients :
1 Cup Arhar Dal(Toovar Dal)
6  Large Gobi florets
1  Aloo
6-7 Green Beans
1 Carrot
1 Tomato
5 whole green chillies
1 Tsp Ginger cut into small pieces
1 Bay leaf
2 Tsp Ghee
1 Tsp PanchPhoran(Kalonji,Methi,Jeera,Mustard,Fennel seeds mix)
2 Dried red Chillies
a pinch of Turmeric
Salt to taste
3 Cups of water

Cut Aloo, Carrot , Beans and Tomato into medium size pieces. Wash dal and place into Ceramic pot. Add Gobi , other cut vegetables and tomato. Add ginger, bay leaf,turmeric, Green chillies, salt and 3 cups of water.
Now put the slow cooker on High for 4 Hrs. After 4 hrs turn off the slow cooker and add tadka.
Tadka -  add paanchphoren , dry red chillies in Ghee and let it splutter. Add it to Dal.
Serve it with hot rice.

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