Saturday, November 17, 2012


Patishpata is my husband's favourite desert. It is traditionally made on Sankranthi day, but my mom-in-law always make it when we visit Kolkata. Though it is not sankranthi yet, I made it this november as we were craving it. We usually use khoya in the dish ,but since it was not available, we tried the filling with mava milk powder.

Ingredients :
1 Cup Moong Dal
2 Cups Rice
2 Cup Sugar (1 Cup for filling,1 Cup for syrup)
1 Cup Mava powder
3/4 Cup Coconut powder
4 Cardamom
5-6 Tbsp ghee
4 Cups of water
Batter :
Soak Moong Dal and Rice for six hrs, Grind it into a fine paste. This should be of similar consistency like dosa batter.

Add 1 Cup sugar and 3 cups water and bring it to a boil and cook till sugar melts. This syrup should be very light.

Filling :
In a non stick pan,add 1 tbsp of ghee and coconut powder and roast it till light brown. Add Mava powder,1 cup sugar and cardamom and for few minutes. Sprinkle few drops of water just enough to lightly bind it  but still dry(Be careful not to use lot of water,it will turn into a paste). Roast it for few more minutes and take it out of flame.

Method :
Take a non stick pan. Spread batter , cook till light brown , turn it ,sprinkle some ghee on it.Add the filling, fold the two ends of crepe covering the filling. Roast it till well cooked on both sides. Once done, put the crepe with filling in Sugar syrup. Serve hot.

Tip : The batter as well as the filling freezes very well. So you can make it in advance and freeze it. When you want to make the pathisapta , take the batter and filling from freezer and thaw it till room temperature and prepare it.

The sugar syrup also stays in fridge section well for couple of weeks. 

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